About Sparqtron

We are an electronic contract manufacturing provider with exceptional experience and reputation. Our location in the Bay Area offers unrivaled speed and responsiveness for prototyping and new product introductions, while our wider Asia network offers a painless transition to significant cost reductions.

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Our Value-Add Philosophy

At Sparqtron, our customers are our best advocates. Customer satisfaction is an essential part of our success and our future. We strive to provide exceptional value for customers to enhance their competitiveness and success.

In particular, we believe that high mix low volume customers deserve the quality, responsiveness and flexibility that is so difficult for them to find in the electronics manufacturing industry. Every member of the Sparqtron team is committed to providing the best service to any customer - even if you're looking for a single board. Finding the the right matched manufacturing partner is crucial for your success.

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Our Tradition

Sparqtron was founded in 1999 in Fremont, California. Being a subsidiary of Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Sparqtron's management, personnel and resources are integrated into the wider OSE electronics manufacturing services network.

We have an exceptionally experienced NPI team in the US to help expedite your new product launch. We also give our customers a total flexibility in our worldwide capabilities, allowing not only for faster time-to-market, but also unrivalled cost reduction opportunities overseas in Asia.

Trust us with your prototyping, NPI and engineering, and we will show you the best of both worlds!

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