OSE EMS Operation Global Network

The Orient Semiconductor Electronics EMS Operation consists of the OSE headquarters in Taiwan, Valueplus Technology in China, and partner with Sparqtron Corporation in California. Together, we are one of the world's fastest-growing EMS providers with the common goal of forging lasting and satisfying relationships with our every customer.

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History and Highlights

OSE was established in 1971 under the leadership of Dr. Eugene Duh and like-minded individuals in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Since then, the company has undergone significant expansion both within Taiwan and internationally, and has been listed in the Taiwan stock exchange with approximately USD 200 million of market capitalization.

Over its nearly 40 year history, OSE has established itself as a world-class semiconductor and electronics manufacturing company, with 4800 employees and production facilities in Taiwan, China and USA.

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Worldwide Operations

OSE global electronic manufacturing and IC packaging network

OSE Headquarters
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
30 SMT lines
346,000 sq. ft.

Sparqtron Corp.
Fremont, California
3 SMT lines
67,000 sq. ft.

Valueplus Tech.
Suzhou, China
9 SMT lines
78,000 sq. ft.

OSE EMS Group's business strategy is focused on providing high-mix low-to-medium volume manufacturing value service with the utmost quality, flexibility and competitive prices. Our strategy has been well appreciated by our customers, that is why majority of our customers have been maintaining long lasting relationship with OSE.

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Product Experience

Over OSE's more than 35 years of history, we have always stayed ahead of the times and helped our customers break new barriers. We have a very diverse range of product capabilities, including:

  • Single-, dual-, and quad-CPU motherboards for client and server machines;
  • GPS receiver, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and flash memory modules;
  • Network and home computing peripheral products;
  • TFT display modules, solar charger modules and industrial machine control modules.

This is just a sample of our capabilities. Whatever designs and processes you require, OSE is well suited to all your needs.

OSE product exerience in electronics manufacturing

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International Standards

OSE's certifications attest to our commitment to comply to international quality and environmental standards. We work, however, to not only comply to these certifications, but also continuously improve the effectiveness of our entire quality management system across our entire global network.

OSE quality certifications in electronics manufacturing

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