Customer Focus

In today’s dynamic and challenging market environment, you need an EMS partner who really knows your business and cares about you. At Sparqtron, your business is our business, your deadlines are our deadlines. You can count on us to be a valuable part of your team!

Your Very Own Production Department

During the product design stage, timing is always critical. Our quick turn-around for PCBA prototyping, engineering change orders(ECO) and BGA rework/reballing services treats your deadlines with the highest regard, regardless of order volume (as low as one piece). Our 24 hour express service has already been a life saver for countless product design teams facing tight deadlines.

We are also well suited to be your new product introduction (NPI) and high-mix low-volume or medium-volume production partner. We understand the challenges you are facing when launching a new product into the dynamic and challenging marketplace. We treat your business and technical needs with the highest regard. Our services strictly and always place the customer at the center of anything we do.

Sparqtron's customers are directly serviced by a Customer Focus Team (CFT) :

Customer Focus Team - Sparqtron's Electronic Manufacturing Services

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Customer Focus Team (CFT)

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