Customer Focus Team (CFT)

For addressing the fast-moving and dynamic business environment, your EMS partner needs to have the adequate infrastructure to fully support your business challenges. We have well structured a knowledgeable and skillful team to adequately support your business and augment your resource pool.

Sparqtron’s Customer Focus Team knows how to effectively understand your wishes and become integrated into your overall production strategy. Through the CFT interface, customers are able to leverage our range of capabilities in engineering, production, logistics and quality management across our entire global network.

Your Team in Sparqtron

A dedicated CFT will be setup for you in supporting your business, which will includes Program Manager, Project Buyer, Project Engineer and Production Control staff as show in the diagram below:

Customer Focus Team - Electronic Manufacturing Services

Customer Interface Structure

Customer Interface Structure - Electronic Manufacturing Services

The major role of the members of Customer Focus Team (CFT) are as shown below:

  • Project Manager: Your primarily gateway into Sparqtron's internal operation and is directly responsible for ensuring your satisfaction. PM will thoroughly understand your requirements and priorities, he shall lead and organize the entire customer support operations to ensure providing you with a responsive, quality, on time delivery services;
  • Project Engineer: Review customer’s engineering designs data and define Manufacturing Processing Instructions (MPI). Resolve any technical issue in timely manner.;
  • Project Buyer: Manage customer material supply requirements and support cost down and alternative parts sourcing;
  • Production Controller: ensures timely production and on-time delivery.

Together, the CFT acts as your very own production department, and is always completely flexible towards your every need.

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Personalized Services

After you have engaged with Sparqtron, the Project Manager assigned to you will lead our core team to work with you and draws support from the entire Sparqtron team to provide you with:

  • A walk-through of the entire process to ensure your total satisfaction;
  • Ensure the thorough understanding of your technical and logistical requirements of each of your job to build;
  • Timely or regular review meetings with your design team as required to ensure vital information is timely updated;
  • Proactive resolve to address any business, engineering or manufacturing issues as soon as they arise;
  • Comprehensive DFM and DFT reports to ensure optimal transition into volume production;
  • Suggestions as to how to best carry out the next phase of your product's life cycle.
  • Assurance that our operations is as transparent to you as possible;

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